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Electronic Torture using

the Body Area Network


Targeted Individuals are being implanted with an electronic torture system and stalked until they are dead as punishment outside the law. They have not been accused, they have not been tried. This is criminal government killing civilians with microwaves and organized stalking.


The program is extended to children and grandchildren. They are implanting the children and grand children of TI's. TI's tell stories of their babies being tortured with microwave electronic implants!


How is this justice!  How is this possible in the United States!  Who is doing it?  Our neighbors, friends, people in the neighborhood, police, firemen, medics, veterans, children!  All of them are volunteer NAZI's in the Assisting COPs programs.

Human Rights Violations:  Electronic Slavery Healthcare System

Extra-judicial Torture of US Citizens in the United States of America using Radio, Microwave, Ultrasound and Radar Technologies being monitored by at least 114 Universities for human research


TI's are being tortured with technology developed and paid for by the US Government, in a program instituted by Janet Reno in 1994 through the Justice Department, using research done by universities and carried out by contractors, states, cities, police departments, firemen, veterans, drug dealers, the mob and ordinary stupid robot citizens who treat TI's like experimental research animals using the new healthcare system technology, implanting remotely operated medical body area network devices that are stimulated to vibrate and heat their bodies to destroy tissues and disassemble their bodies -- like a slave owner who abuses their slaves with knives, cattle prods, shocks, stabbing pains, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY, destroying their bodies, their lives and their futures.


4G, 5G, LTE/Wifi and Bluetooth are being used to communicate with implants! TI's are GPS'd and once the system has locked in, the pictures and data can be broadcast on cable TV or Facebook!

This system of healthcare is already installed in every city in the United States and most Agenda 21 countries!

Do you want to be implanted with electronic devices so your local fire department, police, paramedics and everyone they give your information to --NAMELY STALKING CRIMINALS -- see you make love or go to the bathroom? They will see every heartbeat and thought.

Torture System in Place

This unique healthcare concept is being used to torture US citizens - Targeted Humans.

Mobile Wireless Sensor.PNG

VIDEO:  Body Area Networks


•Published on Mar 27, 2012

DOCUMENT:  Human Augmentics: Augmenting human evolution



Volunteer Programs enhancing Public safety by leveraging resources

A Resource Guide for Law Enforcement Agencies

DOCUMENT:  Survey of WBSNs for Pre-Hospital Assistance: Trends to Maximize the Network Lifetime and Video Transmission Techniques

Sensors 2015, 15(5), 11993-12021;


Medic with guy on stretcher.PNG

The government intends for every human to have this electronic implant system in place so EVERYONE CAN BE CONTROLLED AND REMOTELY PUNISHED! They are well on their way, starting with TI's.


The new healthcare will require all patients to be implanted with a system of electronic devices which read, record and communicate a person's bodily functions to police, firemen, medics, hospitals, and anyone else who has the MAC address or ID of your implants.

Targeted Individuals are already being covertly implanted with these tiny sensors which include brain reading capability.  This system is not being used for healthcare. It is being used for extreme surveillance and torture, heating, vibrating and stimulating pain.

Website Iot Center of Socidety Diagram.J



To the right you will see a diagram of a person who has been implanted with medical devices in what is called a Wireless Body Area Network (BAN). Implants are sensors that are connected with computers by means of a cell phone which communicates to medical, law enforcement and Homeland Securty. Also sensors in humans can be connected to implants in other humans and to the sensors in homes, furniture, vehicles, buildings, electrical wiring, roads, etc.


The implants in a BAN are very similar to a diagram of a person called a Targeted Individual who has been implanted with medical devices for the purposes of tracking, stalking, harassing, surveilling, torturing and killing them. They are tortured in their home, vehicle and public places outside and inside. This indicates that the infrastructure in the Smart Grid is being used against them instead of for medical purposes. Organized stalking is carried on by contractors, including police, firemen, medical EVAC personnel, veterans and others. See COPS program. Smart phones are being used to stimulate the implants in TI's.

Website Torture implants.JPG
Website Nazi child experimednt.JPG

The government is taking advantage of the most helpless, infants, children, the handicapped, insane, people who get arrested, people in jails and prisons, and anyone sleeping in a hospital or admitted to a hospital. A nurse will come around when you least suspect it and jab you with a needle and they won't explain what the shot is, they just walk away.  Covert stalkers go in homes and inject implants into sleepers.  Block your home entrances. Nazi medicine is here again.

Website Implants Medical Use Torture.JPG

Medical Monitoring

Body Area Domain:

Implanted ultrasonic body sensors will feed your heart rate, temperature, blood glucose, position (laying or standing), literally all activities (bathroom, sex exercising) and where you are in the house at all times, to anybod y who cares to monitor you.  If you are being stalked, you know this already.

Website Patient Monitoring.JPG
Website Underlying Technololgy 3.JPG
Website Underlying Technology 2.JPG
Website Supreme Surveillance.JPG
Website Supreme Surveillance 3.JPG
Website Stick Man.png

Body Area Network


The illustration above shows how future healthcare will work. Everyone will have a Body Area Network in implanted in the body to track, identify, vibrate and stimulate nerves to cause pain to keep all citizens under control, especially mind control.  The US government paid scientists to study how to cause the maximum pain. These devices are being implanted in anyone who checks into the hospital. They are being implanted in Targeted Individuals, whistleblowers, the elderly, sleepers in motels, hotels and shelters. Most of the population will be implanted before they have the chance to "Just Say NO" which is a violation of their Constitutional Rights. People are being vandalized with technology.

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