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Cell Phone Dangers

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Connect the Pings, Stealth Radar from Cell phone Radiation

by Wendy M. Grossman,

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Mobile Cell Phone Radiation

A mobile phone system is referred to as “cellular telephone system” because the coverage area is divided into “cells“ each of which has a base station antenna. Cell phones use Electromagnetic radiation in the Microwave range around 2.5 GHz range.


Electromagnetic Frequency Spectrum

When we talk on mobile phones, the transmitter takes the sound and encodes on to a continuous “sine wave”. The sine wave radiates out from the antenna and fluctuates evenly through space. Once the encoded sound has been placed on the sine wave, the transmitter sends the signal to the antenna which then sends the signal out. The encoded signals are made up of electromagnetic radiations. These waves are picked up by the receiver in the base station tower. The base station antenna emits radiations continuously to make a link with the subscribers.


Mobile Tower and Base station

Cell phone technology uses electromagnetic radiation in the Gigahertz range. These radiations are close to microwave range and with similar properties. Part of the radio wave emitted from the mobile phone is absorbed by the human head. The radiation emitted by a GSM handset can have a peak power of 2 watts.


The rate at which radiation is absorbed by the human body is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) and its maximum levels for modern handset is set between 1.6 to 2 W/Kg averaged for 1 gram tissue. If the SAR level is above the limit, it may cause both Thermal and Non thermal effects on the body especially on the ear and head since these are at the “Near Field” of the radiation. Thermal effect of microwave is the dielectric heating in which any dielectric material such as living tissue is heated by rotations of polar molecules such as water.


In the case of a person using mobile handset for hours in a day, most of the heating effects will occur in the earpinna, internal ear, head surface and even in the brain. Internal ear has fluid filled structures which are more susceptible to heating effect. Brain tissue is delicate and there is blood-brain barrier system to eliminate excess heat generated.


Some of the brain waves that determine mood and alertness resemble the mobile radiation in frequency. So that normal brain functions will be affected even in a few persons using cellphones continuously. Another structure that can be affected by heating is the cornea of the eye. It is the transparent covering on the front part of the eye. Cornea lacks blood supply, so that the heat generated can not be removed and may cause premature cataract. Non thermal effects include alterations in bio-cycles, cellular metabolism, spermatogenesis, abnormalities in foetal developments, miscarriage etc. Some users of mobile phones feel several unspecific symptoms during and after the use of mobile phones in the form of burning and tingling sensations, fatigue, sleep disturbances, dizziness, loss of mental concentration etc. All these may be due to the influence of the radiation on the biomagnetic field of the body.


Microwave causes “dielectric heating in the human body. Human tissue is rich in water and exhibit dielectric property (+ and – ve ions). Living tissue heat up through the rotation of polar molecules such as water. This friction causes heating of tissue. Head is in the “near field “ of radiation, so that most of the heating effect occurs in the head. Temperature in the internal ear, brain etc increases to 1 degree or more. This adversely affects the functioning of these organs since these have fluid filled cavities.




Burning sensation in the Scalp and Ear pinna
Mood alteration and lack of concentration
Lethargy and lack of sleep
Whistling sound in the ear
Premature Cataract- Cornea of eye lacks blood supply and heat cannot be disposed
Confusion and loss of memory since the microwaves interfere with the mood controlling brainwaves
Alters sleep physiology and biological rhythm by changing the level of Dopamine, Serotonin hormones

Role of Blood-Brain Barrier – BBB

The blood vessels in the brain and the surrounding tissue form the BBB that can easily dispose heat. But prolonged heating effect can alter brain functions and hearing ability.




Increased cellular responses
Leakage of Albumin from blood into the brain due to increased permeability of BBB

Hearing impairments

Heating effect in the fluid of internal ear
Piercing sound from the speaker causes irritability in the ear drum and internal sensory cells of ear
Human ear is highly sensitive to waves between 1000 and 6000 Hz


Sleep and EEG Effects

Brain waves such as alpha beta ,delta waves will be affected when exposed to pulsed radiations


Microwave Auditory Effect

Clicks and Buzzing sound in the head
Microwave induces electric current in the hearing centre of the brain and causes Auditory illusion
This may happen if music is heard using ear phone or Bluetooth for long time
The human ear has a peak sensitivity of 3000 Hz, which causes a sense of unease. Alarms and Mobile ring tones are designed to sound at 3000 Hz.
The ear has a very low threshold of hearing for 3000 Hz. A sound of this frequency is very penetrating.


Phantom Pain

Pain in the ear without any specific reasons like infection, This may be due to increased stress on the delicate structures of the internal ear or ear drum by the radiation.

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity

Unspecific symptoms during and after the use of cell phone

Tingling sensation, fatigue, dizziness, loss of mental attention, reduction in reaction time, memory retentiveness, tachycardia etc.



Controlled use for communication purpose is always safe. Mobile phones emitting radiation below 2 watts is completely safe. Still, precautionary measures are always good, even though there are fewer case studies in this matter. Try to consider mobile phone as a communication device and not an entertainment device. Even if you are not talking, cell phone is emitting strong signals to keep link with the base station having strongest signal.


Consider some of the precautionary measures:

Do not use mobile phones more than 10 minutes continuously. During conversation, mobile phone will release bursts of energy to keep link with the strongest base station.

Try to use the mobile phone maximum one hour per day. If you want to use it more than this , use Bluetooth or Head phones.

Keep mobile phone away from bed while sleeping. It may affect your sleep physiology.

Don’t give mobile phone to children. Radiation hazard is more in children than adults.

Do not attend mobile phone while driving or operating machinery. It will increase the cognitive load and reduce the reaction time leading to accidents.

Do not use mobile phone near petrol outlet and LPG cylinder. The static electricity in the atmosphere may explode by accepting radiation from the mobile phone. This may cause fire.

Do not use mobile phone when it is connected to charger. Electricity problems may cause shock hazards.

Do not use mobile phone when there is lightning.

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