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Electronic Slavery is taking over America. Thousands of people have been selected for elimination in a Dept of Justice/Fusion Center program designed to dominate an individual with electronic harassment and organized stalking. This program includes a system of harassment with microwave technology from various sources including electronic medical implants, handheld directed energy weapons and various installations of transmitters, magnetrons and mobile units which radiate people with microwave from cell towers, vehicles, drones and satellites. The program also includes gangstalking by multiple people every day wherever the individual exists which causes physical harm and psychological harm through terror.


Targeted Individuals are medically implanted with a brain implant which creates a permanent connection of their brains to a central government AI computer where their brain waves are (1) recorded, (2) interpreted and enhanced with sophisticated software and (3) used to remotely control people with artificial thoughts, dreams and emotions. The new healthcare system that allows remote monitoring of an individual's every thought and action is called a Wireless Body Area (Sensor) Network. The goal of government and the healthcare mafia is to have every human being controlled with this system of electronic torture and control. Survey of WBSNs for Pre-Hospital Assistance: Trends to Maximize the Network Lifetime and Video Transmission Techniques


This Body Sensor Network allows a "handler" employed by the government of the United States of America to see and monitor everything a person does with a  surveillance system in their home and vehicle. Transmitters embedded in the home and vehicle communicate electronically to send every brain wave, every heart beat, blood ph, blood sugar, stress levels, every physical impluse from the senses, even sexual experiences to the government, police, firemen, doctors, hospitals, fusion centers and anyone they give access to. Microwave transmitters are not being used for healing people or making them live longer, they are being used to stimulate implants to heat, vibrate and destroy connective tissue, muscles, nerves and joints. Microwaves are being aimed at people's heads to soften the bones and to decrease mental abilities. TI's are reporting that the circumference of their heads decreases over time. One TI noticed her head is a whole inch smaller in a year's time.  See

RFID implants can be so powerful they can be turned on from long distances so you can be tortured from "neighborhood watch" volunteers walking, riding or driving down the street. This is done by "stalkers" hired by various volunteer programs (paid with gift cards), the COPS program, neighborhood watch programs and Citizens Assisting Police programs. When the Individual goes out for a walk, they are followed by radar, tracking their implants and stalkers pass by or interfere with their walk. Victims are tracked using apps on cell phones.  See:


Along with the electronic surveillance, there is the presence of real people who have been recruited into psychologically damaging their neighbors and fellow citizens with all kinds of gyrations and postures and skits that let people know they are being followed, surveiled and interfered with. They are mentally manipulated into thinking about these stalkers and what they are doing so a person cannot think about their own thoughts or go about their own business. Stalkers wear certain colors, wear certain clothes, carry certain bags and backpacks, that identify them as stalkers. This is continual, whether the person is at home or the Individual goes out without fail, whether they go to the grocery store, post office, shopping mall, school, restaurant, or just walking for exercise or pleasure on the beach. This is a program mechanically executed precisely to oppress the individual into taking their life. This is a total violation of the individual's every freedom. This is supremely oppressive. Victims are given a life sentence in this program.

Individuals have their homes taken over, implanted with electronic devices, stalkers live in their homes and alter them to their own taste. Stalkers go in and out at will. First they steal keys so they have access to your house, vehicles and outbuildings. They take or break anything they want. They visit at night and perform illegal medical procedures, cutting, implanting, injecting, poisoning.





YOU CAN STOP THIS program of torture and illegal implantation and stalking.  Be  a human, please stop this insane NAZI takeover of America. This is not just America, it is an organized culling or the human race, prejudgment and execution, going on in all Agenda 21 countries.  The Congress and Senate of this country have enacted laws that have allowed this to occur.  "Unusual Business" was announced by G.W. Bush in his announcement about the New World Order in 1991.  This is what he meant, it is okay to kill poor people to eliminate poverty, it is okay to torture, maim, burn, disintegrate human beings to perfect the human race (in the eyes of the elite). Agenda 21 says imperfection is not sustainable. All humans are imperfect. THIS IS NOT OKAY!

The War on Terror is a lie. It is a cover for murder. The War on Terror is a system of terror. This is an overwhelming Nazi-type surveillance designed and operated with sophisticated computer software that takes every right away from the Individual, including the right to be alive. It drives a person right off the edge of the planet.  When you have an electronic device up your vagina that vibrates and heats you until you cry or you have an electronic device up your rectum that vibrates and heats you continually or your hips and knees have to be replaced because they  have been destroyed with radiation, OR you have voices in your head that talk endlessly until you commit suicide, your rights have officially been taken away by the United States of Corrupt America.


Targeted Individuals are dying at an alarming rate. They are research projects and their bodies are insured by someone who collects money when they are dead.  Please stop the killing of Targeted Individuals. Please stop the covert implantation of medical devices. Please stop the illegal research on our bodies. Please stop hitting us with microwave radiation. Please stop having people on the street turn on our implants. Please stop stalking us with phones. PLEASE STOP THIS!!

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