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We are now living in the New World Order. People are now objects to be disposed of and have no rights at all. Cowardly strategies are being used to reduce the population of the world.


Beyond Therapy which was written by the President’s Council on Biotechnology and Bioethics in 2003, describes the future of your children in terms of the Pursuit of Happiness (for those who are chosen to survive “sanitization”). This includes:

  • having better children (abortion of anyone imperfect in the womb),

  • superior performance (implants and drugs),

  • ageless bodies (eternal life through cloning, genetic alteration and transplants)

  • happy souls (via drugs).


This will be accomplished by:


  • monitoring babies in the womb and aborting babies that are not perfect,

  • allowing only certain people to marry and have children naturally, and

  • choosing the sex of children to control the number of males or females in the population

  • School children would be controlled with drugs.


There would be no mentally or physically handicapped persons anywhere because they will all be killed. The end result is a society totally controlled by the government who is in charge of every cell in your body and your mind. Any thoughts would be controlled with frequency because your brain waves which answer to frequencies like a cell phone does, will be monitored and suppressed.  There go the arts and music. You will not have anything of your own.  You belong to the government, body, soul and spirit.



What happens when some people take it into their hands to determine life and death for other people? 

Dr. Goebbels took it upon himself to kill his own 6 perfect Nazi children with cyanide so they would not be captured by the Allies in 1945.

Website children.PNG
Book Beyond Therapy.PNG
Website Children dead.PNG

The children had their whole lives to live and would not have suffered the same consequences as their criminal father. They would have chosen life.

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