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Website Californicremation.PNG

"TESSY" Found on Morgellons Specimen

Morgellons is a condition created and designed by the governments of Agenda 21, the US, Britain, Australia. It is an genetically altered entomological weapon and it is a disgrace to mankind. The US, Australia and the European Union have been genetically altering insects and worms to live symbiotically in the human body.

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Torture System Already in Place in US

Targeted Individuals are being implanted with an electronic torture system and stalked until they are dead as punishment outside the law. They have not been accused, they have not been tried. This is criminal government activity torturing and killing civilians with microwaves and organized stalking.

Square in the Sky.JPG

Weather Warfare

Weather Warfare is being perpetrated continuously around the globe. Ionospheric heaters are being used to move the polar winds to the equator. Nexrads are being used to pump up storms, hold storms in place and create extreme weather across the United States in the form of tornadoes, floods, droughts, and snow events.

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