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Make an appointment for help with your psychiatric health arrest.

"The person experiencing a behavioral health crisis will eventually receive a behavioral health assessment, an expensive bill and a referral to a Psychiatric Hospital or community service.


These systems of care environments trigger symptoms and stress for those experiencing a behavioral health crisis."

Behavioral Health Crisis Stabilization Centers: A New Normal

Abuse of Mental Health Stabilization

Targeted Humans are being kidnapped from their homes against their will for a political purpose and to further the destruction of their identify as a healthy normal part of society.

TI's must have an advance directive in case of being kidnapped for a "psychiatric evaluation".  It can help you avoid being forcibly drugged.

Get Smart

Trauma is the goal of the TI Program




A violent traumatic arrest for a mental health exam is part of the TI program.

Think of what the NWO Agenda is:

Eliminate, assassinate, kill your enemies by eliminating them from society

(same thing Hitler did to the Jews).

You will be treated like a mental patient.

They take your personal items, your phone, won't let you contact anyone and put you under 24 hr watch without cause.


They have already decided what they will label you. Doctors and psychiatrists are told to label you.

They hold secret "hearings" where the TI has no representation or voice. They have no real evaluation. They have no advocate. They have no representation. They are not allowed to speak on their own behalf. The outcome was designed before the event. It is a fraudulent procedure.

The effects of the TRAUMA of having your home invaded, accused of being mentally ill, forcibly handcuffed, thrown around, put in a police car is a life changing event in the psyche of a healthy person.  The INJUSTICE of it will torment for the rest of your life.

The label of schizophrenic, delusional, paranoid, psychotic affects your job, your relationships and your feeling about yourself.

It changes your identity in society.


Do Not Let Their False Statements Stand

The police will make a false report.

They will say you did things you did not say.

They will say you did things you did not do.

Ask for paper and pen. Write your own account of events and submit it into your medical records.

Before you leave the hospital or shortly thereafter, write your own story and submit it into your medical records.




Nobody can do this for you.

One you are in the hands ot law enforcement and the process has begun, you must quietly and responsibly resist:

1.  DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING.  They will use your signature to make your insurance or Medicare pay their bill. If you don't have insurance, they will try to make you pay the huge bill after release and then sue for payment. You are not responsible for this.

2.  DO NOT AGREE TO A VOLUNTARY SUBMISSION OR RELEASE.  YOU HAVE BEEN ILLEGALLY DETAINED, ARRESTED AND KIDNAPPED! Signing anything that says you went to the hospital voluntarily will make you responsible for payment.

3. DO NOT AUTHORIZE RELEASE OF YOUR MEDICAL INFORMATION. This is your right to maintain your medical privacy. You have a right to seek treatment from your own physician. They have no right to perform medical procedures or treatment, including blood draws or CT scans.


  • "5150 (involuntary psychiatric hold)" – There are many instances of usage of California law section 5150, which allows for involuntary psychiatric hold based on the opinion of a law enforcement official, psychological professional (or many other individuals who hold no qualification for making psychological assessment), which have been challenged as being unrelated to safety, and misused as an extension of political power.[55][56] Wikipedia

Psychiatric Hold is Political

Silent UC Berkeley protester detained

By J.D. Morris | Senior Staff

Katie Rapp/Courtesy

Alex Kim, a UC Berkeley senior and Occupy Cal protester who took a vow of silence, was detained Sunday by UCPD officers on Sproul Plaza, according to eyewitnesses at the scene.

At around 4:38 p.m., a few officers approached a group of demonstrators sitting on the lawn in front of Sproul Hall and handcuffed Kim before taking him away, said junior Katie Rapp.

“I was so surprised,” Rapp said. “They just grabbed him.”

UCPD Lt. Alex Yao, spokesperson for the department, said in an email early Monday morning that he could not discuss the circumstances of the officers’ encounter with Kim.

“UCPD did have contact with Alex Kim on Sunday,” Yao said in the email. “However, due to privacy laws, I can not divulge the nature of the contact for Mr. Kim’s protection.”

Several demonstrators said Section 5150 of the California Welfare and Institutions Code was cited as the reason for Kim’s detainment. That section allows officers to take into custody any individual who “as a result of mental disorder, is a danger to others, or to himself or herself” and place them in a county designated facility approved by the State Department of Mental Health.

Though Yao did not confirm or refute whether Kim was detained under Section 5150, an individual who appears to match Kim’s description is referenced in the UCPD crime logs from Sunday.

According to the  log, a male student was “transported to JGP via Paramedics Plus for psychiatric evaluation” from Upper Sproul Plaza. The location mentioned refers to John George Psychiatric Pavilion in San Leandro. The case is classified under Section 5150.


1.  Prepare a Psychiatric Living Will.  This document expresses your right to choose your medical care and drugs. Have it signed by witnesses and carry it in your wallet.

2.  Do not expect help from police.  Do not call the police if you start hearing voices. They will escort you to the hospital.

3. Get Connected.  If you are alone, they can do anything they want to you without being seen. Attend conference calls. Connect with a TI organization.  Have names and phone numbers of people whom you can contact and who can contact you in a hospital. The more names you have, the more connected you will appear. If police appear at your door, call someone so they know someone knows what they are doing.  Stay on the phone and record your conversation.

4.  Do not voluntarily get into a police car or ambulance.  They will lie to you and trick you into their control. Do not open your door to police. Get on the phone.  Let them know someone knows what they are doing to you.  If they break down the door, do not act violently.  Say you have the right to see your own doctor.  Do not try to defend yourself with weapons. You could get yourself killed that way.

5. Say as little as possible.  Do not talk about directed energy, stalking, hearing voices or implants. As to see the complaint charging you with being in danger of harm to yourself or others.

6.  Do not accept treatment.  Do not let anyone take your body parts, including blood and urine or do medical testing. You have a right to see your private physician.  Doing medical testing of your bodily fluids is "treatment."  A psych hold is a mental exam, not a laboratory opportunity. You determine your medical care and testing.  Do not give out your medical information and do not authorize the release of any medical records.

7.  Have a list of people who can contact you at the hospital.

You will need support. Give your list of people who can call

to the staff and let them know who you wish to talk to your doctor or visit you at the hospital.  Have this list prepared ahead of time. Other TI's will be there for you to intervene to get you released. They can write letters of support for you.  CitizensAHT will make phone calls, send faxes and write letters on your behalf.  NO ONE SHOULD BE ALONE.

8.  Do not show signs of irritation or anger.  This can make you look like you need treatment.  Express no extreme emotion. Be reasonable and polite.

9.  Try to get out of the hospital before any hearing.  Do not go to a hearing alone. Ask for an advocate.  The hearing is for the doctors to present their false opinions and put their stamp of legitimacy on their negative diagnosis. They do this in secret and won't give any information to anyone by claiming its private. So they really just take you to the dungeon and proclaim you insane. This is totally unconstitutional because you aren't even allowed to speak, defend yourself or have counsel or an advocate.

10.  Do not accept medication.  Psychiatric medications can be harmful.  Accepting "treatment" means they can make you pay the bill and you think you need medication. Further evaluations can be made based on the fact you have taken psychiatric medications previously, therefore, you must be a mental patient.

11.  Do not sign anything or agree to anything even if they threaten you.  They cannot keep you beyond the legal number of hours.  They will say you can't leave unless you sign a statement that you are there voluntarily.  DO NOT SIGN THIS. They cannot keep you. Putting your signature on these papers is saying you put yourself in the hospital and are responsible for payment.

12.  Do not give hospitals or doctors your medical insurance or financial information.  These are private and are protected by law.  they will use this information to bill you for the hospital stay and for treatment and the physicians' bills. These hospitals, doctors and police are liars. THINK AHEAD.  DO NOT LET THEM BULLY YOU.  THEY WILL LIE TO YOU.  STAND YOUR GROUND. 

Does this advertisement make you feel like you want to tell these members of elite society?

Avoid a Psychiatric Hold

They have your arrest planned ahead of time.

Don't give anyone the opportunity or excuse.

     The TI program is meant to antagonize you. If you react to the antagonism with anger or violence, that is the excuse they need to perform a psychhold.

1. DO NOT WRITE THREATENING LETTERS TO CONGRESSMEN OR SENATORS. This can get you arrested. there are laws to protect these guys.

2.  DO NOT RETALIATE FOR THE HARASSMENT OR STALKING. Even though it is all illegal, you will be punished and they will not be punished.

3.  IF YOU ARE HANDING OUT LITERATURE OR PROTESTING, HAVE A PARTNER.  If there are several people together doing the same thing, its more unlikely to be individually selected.

4.  DO NOT GO TO THE POLICE DEPARTMENT ALONE TO HAND OUT FLIERS OR CHALLENGE THEM IN ANY WAY. They may make up some excuse to make it look like you are doing something wrong.

5. DO NOT MAKE PUBLIC DISPLAYS OF ANGER, RAGE OR VIOLENCE.  Anger can be construed as intending harm to yourself or others.

6. DO NOT TRUST URGES YOU HAVE. Think about the fact that you are being mind controlled. The thoughts you are having may not be your own.

Signs of Mental Illness according to "Change Direction"

These are the very things that are created by the TI program!


Instead of being normal reactions to extreme torture and pain, these normal reactions are deliberately construed as "mentally ill."


To avoid being called "mentally ill":

Avoid showing any signs of normal human behavior, like anger, agitation, sadness or despair over having lost your job or your home or your family. Your children are being radiated, harassed and stalked but don't show any signs you are angry about it. (You know this is sarcasm I hope.)


The TI program is constructed to destroy your life but if you react to it, you are the guilty person. You are the one who has to be punished with a mental health arrest.


If a TI shows poor self-care because they have been driven out of their home with microwaves, they have been given some crippling disease with heating of joints and organs, and they are living on the street, they may show a lack of normal hygiene.  But no consideration can be given in those circumstances.

TI's are labeled delusional if they speak of getting hit with microwaves. How do you prove it?  It sounds insane because that just is not supposed to happen anywhere. This is so unusually cruel, it is against any creed of humanness. Burn someone and when they cry, that's an excuse to take their liberty.

TI's cannot speak to family members because husbands, wives, mothers, fathers are mind-controlled to oppose this information. They have never heard of people being microwaved by the new weapons.

How would they act if they were microwaved, stalked, implanted and tortured? Not yourself, sad, agitated, withdrawn, hopeless?

Mentally Ill.PNG

We'll see how it goes. If; society only knew what was going on, they would not stand for it.

I Pledge

to know the Five Signs of Emotional Suffering and to change the culture surrounding
mental health, mental illness, and wellness for my family, friends, neighbors, and myself.

This is a totally new world order where you are chosen to be microwaved for something for punishment you haven't been tried for. 


You you are cooked with a beam of microwave sitting in your own easy chair which you paid for, watching a TV which you paid for or in your bed which you paid for, while you are sleeping in a home you paid for. You have not done anything deserving of punishment, and certainly not anything as cruel and unusual as being cooked with microwave. They microwave your children and even your cat or dog.

So where is the Constitution that protects your right to be tried for a crime committed and have just punishment which is neither cruel or unusual.

TI's have no rights which are not given to them by local law enforcement and their criminal stalking buddies.

Microwaving innocent people meets the MOST CRUEL criteria...but here we are in 2019, being microwaved, having our joints torn apart as if we were on the rack, having our brains cooked and our bowels boiled and having our very private parts being stimulated without our consent.

This sounds more like a torture room in the Middle Ages. Humans have only succeeded in finding more ways to be cruel to each other.  Its not a new world, just a repeat of Nazism.  Hitler won afterall.

Change Direction 2.PNG
Website Torture.JPG

Tell Us About Your Psychiatric Arrest

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