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TI Implanted with wires in ears


In this video are wires (different type). I found this type in my right ear. (pic. attached) Here is a movie I created which shows how these wires sound when touched with metal instrument from surgical kit.

Sound of electrodes:

Threads on the picture I sent you is at: (at 14 min) wires I sent you are from this presentation - some are called 'linked edge', unique for Neuralink. Nobody has it but his company.


What is interesting here is that I was implanted with them on Nov. 14th, 2015 and Elon Musk bought the company (name from Neurobond). They have contracts and collaborate and after Air Force finished their BCI and self flying plane abusing them they sold technology to Musk. As technology was implanted in my body, they sold me too. Worst case of human trafficking ever.


Here are wires - mostly linked edge recorded last month under another type of microscope. (pic. neuralink_threads..) They are all in left ear which is connected directly to these wires. When I touch them sensation is produced on the left side of the brain - as if cloud of tiny particles is touching the skull. I still have a lot of cicadas sound around my head (like US diplomats in Cuba). Probably created by electrodes being implanted in my brain. US diplomats might have been nano dusted.


Everyone was writing about Neuralink top secretive project in July 2019 when Musk presented it to the public.


monkey was me


I sued Elon Musk in June 2018 in Santa Clara Superior Court but was so tortured that I had to flee to Europe. I was there maybe even more tortured as Croatians fully collaborate with NASA and Musk


When in Croatia I live several miles from the city where this NASA object was delivered. So it is reengineering of human beings,


Mars colonization .... robots ... new virus ... who knows



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