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Some People May Be Receiving Tattoos Made of Quantum Dot Technology and Chips


July 26, 2020

CitizensAHT receieved this:  "A guy I know was jailed in Idaho. it was during this time he contracted covid 19 supposedly. He was never transported to a hospital,yet treated in the jail. The jail treated him with an injection which I find strange. A few months have passed. He recently went camping. He took some selfies with his girlfriend and was shocked by what came out in the photo... What do you suggest? Do you have any thoughts as to what this might be?
Thank you, TI Colorado sent Friday July 24,2020"


A copper colored object looks like it is at the center of the figure. We have not seen anything like this in the media. We Google searched the image and found nothing. If there is a chip here, it could include all this person's medical information and arrest record, family, work history, and may be read remotely. 


Perhaps law enforcement is already using some type of vaccine or treatment and injecting an RFID chip which can be tracked and contains information about what type of record the person has.  A picture of this figure and the young man's arm is the header of this week's newsletter. 


Please let us know if you find any information on this or learn of any other technology which may be being used without full disclosure to COVID patients.

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