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A New World Order Globalist scheme is underway to electronically enslave every human on the planet by connecting everyone’s brain to a computer with a Brain Computer Interface (BCI) to make each person part of the Internet of Things (“IoT”). Targeted Individuals are medical test subjects being covertly implanted with an electronic Wireless Medical Body Area Network (“BAN”) while they are sleeping or during medical procedures. The BAN is made up of (1) an Artificial Intelligence system which connects the brain to a radio network and cochlear implant for 2-way radio communication, (2) a cell phone internet/computer interface using Bluetooth or Zigbee, (3) RFID chip tracking devices (“CTTL”), (4) heart and lung monitors, (5) blood pH, blood oxygen, glucose, temperature and carbon dioxide monitors, (6) sensory implants in the eyes, ears, face, nose and throat which record what you say, hear, see and smell, (7) choking technology in throat, (8) pressure and motion sensors in arms, legs, feet and buttocks, (9) accelerometers, (10) liquid crystal and nano devices in the blood, (11) neurostimulators on nerves and muscles to vibrate and heat the body to control the target with pain and (12) implants for electronic rape and others. Covert implants can be injected into the brain using a long needle inserted up through the sinuses, through the eye sockets or through the top of the mouth.

TI’s are slaves to the implants, V2K and neural monitoring. They are tortured mercilessly with shocking, vibrating, burning and pain in various nerve groups, muscles and organs.


Cell towers, satellites, phone antennas and drones are used to direct energy at them to activate their implants, to keep the target from sleeping, to erase their memory, degrade their health and evoke extreme emotions. TI’s are antagonized to provoke an event during which the target reacts to their torture and is accused by authorities of being a criminal or mentally ill. They are wrongly kidnapped for “mental health” exams, forcibly drugged and implanted.

If it can happen to anyone, it can happen to you. This violates every right you thought you had. The new BAN healthcare system is meant to remotely monitor, control and punish every citizen! It is a torture system.


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Free Booklet


Comes with free copy of Body Area Network Press Release.




Safety Plan Initiative


I, ___________________________, hereby agree that I will not harm myself in any way, attempt suicide, or die by suicide.  I am a Targeted Individual and I am under remote neural monitoring, overwhelming surveillance and torture by remote persons unknown. I will not take my own life. If I am harmed in any way, it will not be by my own hand, however, there are persons or entities who are harming me and may wish to take my life. I take an oath to myself, to other member of the Targeted community, to my family and before God that I wish to live my life to the fullest until the time that my last natural breath is taken.

Furthermore, I agree that I will take the following actions if I am ever having self-harming thoughts whether by others by remote mind control or my own:

1)      I will remind myself that I can never, under any circumstances, harm myself in any way, attempt suicide, or die by suicide.

2)      I will call my TI buddy at ____________ if I believe that I am in immediate danger of harming myself or if someone is trying to harm me.

3)      I will call any or all of the following numbers if I am in immediate danger of harming myself but have suicidal thoughts or if I am aware of imminent danger of being "suicided" by others:







______________________________      _________________
Signature                                                       Date

Safety Initiative

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Download this document, sign and share it with your TI Buddy.  Ti's are being "suicided" and their deaths are being made to look like they wanted to take their own lives, but we know differently.

Make sure this contract is held by someone who can make a difference for you and keep you safe.

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