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                                            Targeting is Murder of a Human Being's Life


A Targeted Individual (“TI”) we are discussing here on this website is a person who has become an unwilling victim of illegal terrorism operations which causes many types of harm to come to the person, including psychological harm through stalking, or physical harm through biological, chemical, directed energy, electromagnetic and acoustic weapons or loss or property, health, family, jobs or life itself. The goal of this terrorism is to eliminate the TI through torture, leading to a final solution — their suicide or death. Some targets have been microwaved to death.  Some targets have taken their own lives.  Some targets have taken their own lives and others at the same time.


The Nazi's targeted groups of people which could be defined by nationality, creed, religion or medical infirmity, i.e., undesirables by state definition. Targets in the present case are a diverse group of people who have gained negative attention by some action or attitude like whistleblowing,  nonconformism, a personality disorder, revenge by family/coworker or reporting police crime. They can be any nationality because the present assault on humanity is interchangeable worldwide.

Targeted Individuals are chosen by someone who has the authority to elect them to the FISA courts or the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Dept of Justice watchlists.  This is punishment for some "crime" as "terrorists", as these words have been redefined by the New World Order.  This is OUTSIDE the normal legal justice system. It puts them in double jeopardy which is against all law. One individual cannot be punished twice for crimes. These "crimes" have not been processed through any legal or constitutional processes.  Targets are still under judicial law and then are being punished again or under separate illegal secret rules when they have not been legally accused of anything. They are judged and assigned punishments in total secret, even secret to them. They are never allowed to meet their accusers or defend themselves. What could be more unjust? Outright killing?  That's done too, especially when they file lawsuits to redress the wrongs done to them.


The Constitution guarantees rights which mean nothing to the current criminals running this electronic harassment and stalking program. Everything that is done to bring about a target's death is part of the crime of murder, even if it is brought about step by step, removing them from their homes, jobs, family, bed or park bench.  Targets are literally run off the face of the earth.

The terrorism acted out on TI's extends to the TI’s family, friends or anyone who helps them. The torture is meant to degrade a person physically and mentally to the point where they are no longer able to function. They are trapped in their homes, afraid to leave. Their hope for personal fulfillment, success and happiness are destroyed to the point that they have no hope of a viable future. They are pushed into becoming either a criminal, a mental patient or a suicide after many months of persistent torture so they are no longer the person they were. They are isolated from their support systems and are fighting an enemy much larger than themselves and no one will help them. It is each individual against the entire country. IT IS WAR!

The goal is to have the TI kill themselves. If a TI fights back with lawsuits, or exposes their torture publicly, they are murdered and their death is documented as a natural death or a suicide. This is why most people are unaware that this torture and death is happening now.

Some TI’s are murdered outright or gassed in their beds with chemicals from cans or tanks on a stalker’s back. The cowards who carry out these attack strike when their victim is the most helpless–when they are asleep. People are being put to sleep so thieves can come in and steal from them without being seen, play tricks with gaslighting or insert illegal implants in the Target's body. The cochlear brain implant provides a continual link between the brain and a remote operator/computer.

TI’s are attacked with persistent surveillance using audio, video, radar, thru-the-wall and other technologies, robbing them of their privacy. Home and auto GPS installations track every movement. It takes about 20 people to keep one TI under constant surveillance and taxpayers are unwittingly paying for the torture and death of fellow civilians.

These illegal operations include the goal of causing the Targeted Individual continuous agitation, annoyance and pain throughout their entire body 24 hours a day. The victim is implanted with devices and nano technology which stimulates pain in nerves and muscles. Their brain and body frequencies are stolen so they can be tortured and killed from a distance. This is the perfect torture system because the perpetrators cannot be seen.

TIs are coupled to a computer like a cell phone so that their thoughts and emotions can be read remotely. Their evoked potentials and EEG is stolen and then used to (1) put voices into the TI’s head without sound going through the ears, (2) communicate through telepathy without voices, (3) look through the TI’s own eyes and hear through their ears and (4) track them. For further information on how these things are accomplished, do a search online for “Remote Neural Monitoring”. You will find 100 patents regarding this technology at The government has been secretly perfecting monitoring the human brain from a distance for the last 70 years in preparation for a total dominance of the human race. See “An Introduction to the Revolution in Military Affairs” by Gary Chapman, Austin, TX, USA.

The object of harassment is to remove the TI from their support systems, (1) their source of income and (2) their family and emotional support. The goal is to make them penniless, homeless and vulnerable to more attacks which bring about their death, but in the meantime, they provide study data for clinical trials to universities

Who is doing these things? The global New World Order through the global government of the United Nations. People who consider these things to be illegal are called Constitutionalists, they still believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Most people are unaware of the radical change in military domination of the planet or that they will come under the oppression of this program in time. Are you listening? Don’t turn away, because this program of total dominance is for everyone, including you. Even if a TI was a criminal, under the constitution, they have a right to a trial by their peers. In the present illegal program of terror, no one is entitled to an indictment, trial, sentencing or appeal. They are all sentenced to unlimited torture and death outright. Yes, a death sentence without a trial.


1. Choose the Target. A Targeted Individual is placed on a Terrorist Watch List and an individualized torture program is personally designed just for them through fusion centers and the Justice Department which has been reorganized and redesigned without your knowledge or consent, to serve the New World Order. There is no distinction between terrorists and ordinary citizens. TI’s are attacked with biological weapons, organized stalking, electromagnetic and acoustic weapons. Targets are chosen for disposal for taking a stand for truth and justice. They report police crime. They see things that are morally wrong such as police making/selling drugs or police protecting a drug gang, stealing vehicles and running prostitution and human trafficking or child pornography cartels and get put on the list for calling 911.

TI’s may be involved in politics, take a stand on subjects important to them, or simply have the wrong bumper sticker. Simply put, the Target becomes known for some attitude, even if it is only in their thoughts. You can get targeted just by having knowledge of the crime of others.

TIs are often (1) on disability, (2) are single, living alone, and most often women, (3) have a personality disorder, or (4) are artists and musicians who make art or write songs, among other things. You can become a TI by attempting to help a TI and become a target yourself. You can also become a TI if you have a family member who is a TI. A TI may just be elderly and on Social Security which is a crime in the NWO. All people over 70 are to be terminated.

2. Take their income. The TI is attacked on their job by other employees or anonymous letters falsely accusing them of being involved in some sort of crime like child molesting or drugs and they lose their jobs. TI’s are attacked at night with psy-ops and radiation attacks which deprive them of sleep which interferes with their attendance and performance on their jobs.

TI’s who own their own businesses and have any special equipment purchased for their special field have their equipment destroyed. Stalkers come in at night and destroy their records, electronic systems, computers, software, hardware, software and phone systems. They can no longer do business or meet deadlines. They are slandered to their customers and they lose their businesses.

3. Take their home. Without a source of income, TI’s lose the ability to pay their bills so they lose their homes, property and good credit rating. They may have to file bankruptcy. After their income is gone, they may have to rely on their family or friends for funds which causes more problems. Some become refugees and take to the streets in a vehicle or on foot, even though they own their own home. Some become so injured from microwave poisoning they have to file for disability. Some have their homes burned to the ground with all their belongings inside. Some are falsely accused of being mentally ill. This is often done to elderly people. When an elderly TI is put in state mental care, their social security benefits, pension, home and all possessions become property of the state. So heirs, if your parents are elderly and may need assisted living, put a TI’s home and money in a trust. The state and federal governments are viciously scooping up land and money.

4. Take their family. When a TI becomes unemployed or homeless, they must look to their family for financial support. This causes stress on the family. People have never heard of what’s happening and don’t believe it. They may think the TI has a mental problem because they talk about things that are impossible. This can’t be happening and the TI is making things up. They believe the Constitution protects people from things like stalking. Main stream media does not report it. It is kept secret so it can go on hurting people.

TI’s lose their husbands or wives who may be mind controlled to turn away and refuse to help or understand what is happening. They may even verbally or physically abuse the TI by calling them crazy or insane. Sometimes family members abuse the TIs by putting them into mental hospitals and then take their homes and possessions. When a mother or father is forcibly put into mental care, their children are taken away and put in foster homes.

Often, family members are mind controlled and don’t want to or can’t support another person. They don’t believe the unusual stories from TIs because of the sheer volume of claims. Its all too overwhelming for people who are not experiencing the same things and don’t believe this could happen. Sometimes family members participate in the stalking and radiating, child against parent, brother against brother. About 1% of the population is being stalked. There is a depopulation agenda being carried out where 90% of the population is to be eliminated.

5. Kill their pets. What would you do if someone burned your cat to death? Would the killer be prosecuted for cruelty to animals? Stalkers are torturing and killing cats, dogs, bunnies, chickens, horses–any pet that the TI loves. Pets are radiated which causes vomiting and diarrhea. Their food is poisoned. Stalkers kick them to death or steal them and return them to their owner so they can watch their pet die of their injuries. Then the authorities arrest the TI, accusing them of torturing and killing their own pets. By the way, strictly speaking, TIs belong to the animal kingdom too and they are being tortured, shocked, burned, vibrated and killed. No one seems to notice.

6. Tamper With Mailbox and Electronic Mail. Mailboxes used to be private. When a TI is stalked, their mailbox is never left alone. Stalkers open the mailbox and take the mail, open it and sometimes don’t return it. If the stalker is a neighbor, they will sometimes bring mail to the door and hand it to the TI, and apologize for “accidently” opening their mail.

Everyone’s communication is tapped these days. Emails and websites are stolen or destroyed. Sometimes emails are overwritten and the wrong message gets to the wrong person. Sometimes a TI may lose an email account that they have had for years and lose all their contacts and history of their communication. Websites are often deleted.

7. Put them in a mental hospital. The stalking and radiation program is very stressful. The first thing a normal person would want to do is try to get some help. The victim needs and wants a sympathetic ear, help and comfort because of the injustice of the situation. They turn to their family and the local police, city officials, doctors or hospitals. This puts them in an extremely vulnerable position because it gives those authorities the opportunity to subject a TI to a forced psychological evaluation based on corrupt officials testimony and signatures. Most cities have already appointed “experts” for this purpose.

In the beginning of their experience, a TI may not have a clue what is happening to them and they have no metering equipment to measure the radiation. Stalking is so persistent that a victim finds it very hard to gather evidence and keep it. Without evidence, a TI has no way to support their claims. Corrupt doctors and officials force TI’s into mental institutions and force them to take medications for symptoms or conditions they do not have. Some lose their ability to take care of themselves because of the side effects of medications. They are given a history of mental illness which takes away their validity as a witness of their own torture. The false mental illness history will follow them to future employment and social functions. Having a mental illness record becomes a psychological burden. If a TI isn’t mentally ill at the beginning of the war against them, they may become that way after years of being tortured and humiliated. Torture changes people. If there is any doubt that the US is torturing people, please read “How the US Came to Torture Its Prisoners.”

Charles B. Inlander, president of the People’s Medical Society, wrote in Medicine on Trial, “People with real or alleged psychiatric or behavioral disorders are being misdiagnosed and harmed to an astonishing degree…Many of them do not have psychiatric problems but exhibit physical symptoms that may mimic mental conditions, and so they are misdiagnosed, put on drugs, put in institutions, and sent into a limbo from which they may never return…”.

Psychiatric drugs can damage the nervous system, give people seizures, paralysis, cause deafness and blindness and damage to organs and muscles. There are side effects also.

8. Destruction of electronic equipment and communication. This is another tactic in destroying a TI’s independence or ability to defend themselves. If a TI gets a picture or video of the person who is stalking or radiating them, the evidence is stolen. If a TI gets video of a frequency meter showing they are being radiated, it is stolen. Computers are hacked into and pictures and files are destroyed. Telephones, cameras and recording equipment are hacked and destroyed. Anything that can be plugged in can be electronically zapped. TIs are not allowed to have computers, cameras or jammers.

9. Financial Burden of Repairing and Replacing Personal Items, Electronics, Appliances and Vehicles. TI’s have to spend their hard earned money to constantly fix things. Locks on doors and windows do not keep stalkers out. Stalkers who enter a TI’s home break things they cannot take with them and steal anything else they want. Appliances are destroyed by burning out the coils. Utility companies participate in these activities because they have access via smart meters. People don’t realize that smart meters have chips in them that talk to nodes placed throughout the house which monitor utility usage and do security surveillance. All electronics are stolen or broken, including TVs, computers, printers, phones and radios. Refrigerators, washers, dryers and water heaters are broken.

Coils are burned out in vehicles so the fuel pump doesn’t work. There are endless ways to break things on cars, from putting chemicals in the gas tank to destroying lights, tires, brakes, engines, coils, etc. The financial burden is part of the program intended to leave the TI helpless and vulnerable.

10. Stalking. Does this man look like a stalker? Stalking is done by ordinary looking people. Some carry meters to get your personal frequencies. Some say there are private parties involved in stalking and that may be true, but a stalking program outlined in the program COPS, part of the Dept of Justice. It details the hiring of paid watchers and stalkers. The stalking program is an equal opportunity program open to people regardless of age, sex or national origin. The COPS program is very blatant about using police, firemen, medics, veterans and “partners” in the community, which include drug addicts, prostitutes and other criminals. They use city resources like ambulances, fire trucks and squad cars to do their stalking.

What do stalkers do? Stalkers break in homes during the day when the TI is away at work and at night while the TI is at home. If they can’t get in a door, they take out a window. Stalkers make openings in the roof. They modify the victim’s home to suit themselves. They reorganize the plumbing and wiring in the home. The stalker leaves evidence of their having been in the home on purpose to irritate and anger the TI, which is part of the psychological attack. They try to provoke the TI into an act of violence or madness. The TI’s privacy is eclipsed which is an egregious wound. Stalkers steal drivers licences, passports, credit cards and IDs and anything else they want. They get the TI’s mail and foul the mailbox with garbage and food. The tricks are endless.

TI’s are followed to restaurants where waiters take a very long time to serve them or put their choice of contaminants in their food. Then they are stalked by the kitchen staff with phones when they leave the restaurant. Most TI’s are stalked every time they leave their home from people on foot, on bicycles, people in stores and store managers (Publix cooperates in getting brain and body frequencies and stalking.) Some TIs are stalked in their vehicles and are shot with Directed Energy Weapons while driving. Some vehicles are remotely controlled to kill the TI by remotely taking control of the steering wheel and crashing the vehicle. One TI was between his vehicle and his garage when someone remotely started the vehicle and he was crushed to death.

Stalking also includes one or more people who use phone apps to get a radar image of you which locks onto your body frequencies or implants so that Directed Energy Weapons can be beamed at you while in public. Walmart and Target use their employees to do this. Walmart is also gassing people in their store. The TI is shot with frequencies that shock, vibrate and cause them pain. See YouTube: “Pesticides Sprayed on TI at Walmart.”

Some stalkers use cloaking developed for the military. A cloaked stalker can be in the same room with you and you can’t see them. They can deliver chemicals or biologicals to you without you ever knowing what happened. Some have been caught by using a laser light focused on their metamaterial suits. Some people carry a machete or gun around the house to deter cloaked stalkers which actually works.

Noise Harassment. Sound is another form of harassment stalkers use. In public, one or more stalkers near a TI talk extra loud so they can hear nothing else which is extremely rude and disrespectful. They wage sound wars with radios and music. They slam car doors open and shut 20 times in a row while the TI is trying to sleep. They alter motorcycles and trucks so they produce an extra loud sound. They have loud vehicle parades going past the victim’s house over and over, often using the same color cars called color convoys.

11. Surveillance. TI’s have radios, radar, occupant locating/tracking and beam guidance systems installed in their cars and in the walls and attics of their homes. Smart meters allow surveillance and control of all electronics in the home. A gateway and nodes can provide a relay system so the victim can be spied upon while eating, dressing, bathing and having sex. Their activities and conversations are recorded in real time so that agents know when they leave their house and stalkers can be at their destination to stalk the person while they go to school, shop, eat at restaurants or relax. They are followed with airplanes, helicopters and drones. Obama has mandated that 30,000 drones fly over America by September, 2015. People can be found using their implants. There is no time when the TI has any privacy in violation of their Constitutional rights. Targeted Individuals are denied all their rights as human beings.

12. Poisoning. People are being sprayed with pesticides and chemicals while they are sleeping in their beds instead of rounding them up in cattle cars and gassing them with Zyclon B and burning their bodies in ovens like Hitler did. The elderly and unwanted are being killed to make their death look like it occurred by natural causes so it is deniable. TI’s have things put in their food, have things place in their homes such as machines that emit microwaves called magnetrons, microwave transmitters and radioactive substances in their homes so they get cancer. Microwave frequencies can produce the effect of drugs in people by beaming the frequency of the drug into the person so the person feels like they took that drug. The frequency of LSD can induce the symptoms of LSD poisoning.

13. Radiation. Microwaves alter cerebral glucose metabolism as shown at the left (before and after). They can also cause cataracts and blindness. They can alter the density of bone and cause many other illnesses.

The goal of this program is to radiate the TI 24 hours a day. They have installations deliver radiation to them in their vehicles and homes and by mobile phones while in public. Microwave frequencies radiate implants, or particular nerves and muscles to cause pain by making the cells leak potassium, magnesium and salt., leaving the muscles full of toxins. Microwaves also dry up the synovial fluid in joints, making them crackle and pop. Microwaves target physical systems such as the adrenal gland, the lymph system or the brain which over time causes dysfunction and death.

Some weapons use acoustic or ultrasound frequencies which produce a phantom touch which crushes the flesh and causes deep debilitating pain. Acoustic weapons can cause sonic cavitation which are bubbles in the blood or organs which explode, leaving big vacuous holes full of pus. This happened to one TI in North Carolina. The DEW first struck her in the abdomen, paralyzed her and the energy traveled up through her to her left lung, causing it to collapse. She was actually lifted up and thrown onto the floor. Her lung had to be opened from front to back to remove the pus in the cavitations. Surgeons had never seen this type of injury.

Stalkers can GPS TI’s wherever they go in public, in restaurants, on the beach or in a hospital while a patient in the ER unit or in their room. Once the DEW weapon locks onto the Target, the radiation is merciless and causes severe pain and agony to muscles and nerves. Police have the actual pain machines to radiate people in their squad cars and there are installations in hospitals to accomplish this pain scenario too.

Many TIs are elderly and they are burned and mutilated with lasers. Some sores like the 3rd one above don’t heal.

Stalkers receive a “Stalker Alert” something like the Amber Alert on their mobile phones. Whoever is in the area stalks the TI. They are told where to walk or sit in order to radiate the TI. Phones can be used to kill people with military apps which stop the heart and breathing and cause bleeding in the brain. Phones have apps which can lock in on the TI and guide microwaves from cell towers and satellites to any position on earth. That is why it is call “directed” energy. It can be directed to a pinpoint on the end of your pinky finger.

They deliver shocks and vibrations to the nervous system using energy in the light spectrum such as radio, microwave, millimeter waves, white light, infrared, ultraviolet and acoustic waves such as infra and ultrasound. Scientist V.I.Vernadsky said, “He who controls the entire electromagnetic spectrum will dominate the world.” (1863-1945) The electromagnetic spectrum is being used to torture and kill U.S. citizens.

14. Implants. This is an electron microscope picture of a nano device called a MEMS removed from a TI in California who has 2 young sons who also have multiple implants. Their implants are activated with frequencies which trigger nerves that stimulate muscles which move arms and legs without the children’s conscious involvement, keeping them awake at night. Implants can cause pain and damage to nerves, muscles and bone as well as cancer. This is being done to babies and small children and may be done to every child at birth at some point in the future.

One TI had this tiny robot come out of his wrist . TI’s covertly receive multiple implants over time. Some are to track the person or monitor their biological functions. Some are to deliver pain. All are in violation of their human rights. Some implants are nano-sized and attach to cells to create a radio in the human body. The TI can be located by airplanes, helicopters and RFID readers. Columbia Investigations can find implants and other technology. Search: “Melinda Kidder, Columbia Investigations MO”

14. Medical Care. TIs cannot get honest health care because an agent calls the doctor’s office and tells them the TI is coming. Doctors are rehearsed as to how to treat the TI and cooperate in violation of their Hypocratic Oath. The government has access to everyone’s medical records and they delete any eye witness accounts of police or government crime. Medical records are changed and the material is deleted from the TI’s testimony. The laws about privacy in medical records are not applicable any more.

They also add things to falsify records when they want to illegally place people in mental hospitals. Doctors who don’t wish to cooperate with corrupt medical care are threatened with loss of their licenses if they do not go along with the NWO agenda. They give drugs to people who don’t need them and withhold pain medications to TI’s being tortured so they get no relief from the torture.
Hospitals have installations so that TI’s can be radiated while delivering a relative to the ER or while a patient. In these instances, a TI is a captive to the situation and they take full advantage and turn the microwave delivery system to full blast causing extreme pain and agony.

16. Biological Weapons. TI’s are given Lyme disease, Morgellons and other designer diseases. Stalkers enter their homes and place infected materials, genetically modified insects and carrier substrates loaded with worms and pathogens in bedding, in clothing and on bathroom toilets and counters. These will come into contact with the TI victim’s skin and develop into a painful debilitating socially disgusting disease. When a TI tries to get help from a medical professional, they are accused of excoriating their own skin because they have a mental condition. So far, the CDC and medical authorities have managed to keep treatment of Morgellons in the realm of mental illness. There are videos of real insects living in real tissue of a Morgellons patient on YouTube.

17. Harassment. All stalking, radiation and biological weapons are considered harassment. Acoustic weapons use transponders to emit two ultrasonic waves which cross each other. They can be used to make sounds in mid-air, move things like doors, knock a person out of bed, walk across a bed, touch a person like a caress, create pressure on a person’s body parts so they feel pain and numbness and rape a person with various sized radiuses. Acoustic weapons are delivered by an integrated scalar microwave carrier delivery system. Sound produces pressure which can be felt and even lift someone up in the air or throw them out of bed. This pressure can be put on or into a body so that it feels as if they are being raped.

Women TI’s are being harassed to have sex. One woman is raped at night while her husband is right next to her. This can be done with frequencies that put a person to sleep so they remember nothing. Another woman is drugged and someone enters her home and is raped by multiple men.
One young woman is being harassed with microwaves to have sex with men like a prostitute. She is microwaved until she complies. Directed Energy Weapons have altered the length of the long bones in her arms and legs. DEWs were used in Iraq to kill people and when the corpses were presented at the hospital, they were reduced to a meter in height. So, DEWs may be able to shrink bones.

19. Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). Most all targets report a ringing in their left ear or both ears. This is a sign that their brains are connected to a mobile Wifi remote neural monitoring system. This system relies on nearby receivers and transmitters, either in a vehicle, a neighboring home, or cell towers and satellites to relay their EKG, MEG or evoked potentials to a military Field Commander. Search “Digital Angel”.

A person monitoring a person’s brain from a distance with RNM can tell when the person is asleep or awake and what state of wakefulnees or sleep they are in. During the time the victim is trying to go to sleep, they are shocked repeatedly, have sounds put in their head or make vocal noises in their throat like growling. They are heated up and assaulted with an acoustic pressure weapon that causes numbness and pain in their joints with an energy that pulses and moves over, back and forth across their body. In other words, they are deprived of sleep. One TI has voices talking to him all the time and has evidence of an implant under his scalp. There are many other tortuous stories.

Dreams can be inserted into someone’s unconscious mind. Their emotions can be read and changed with frequencies. Someone else’s experience can be inserted into a person’s memory. The victim retains control but there are bodily functions which can be triggered from a distance with frequencies that match the victim’s bioresonance frequencies. For instance, there are frequencies that can trigger anger, depression or irritation. There are frequencies that can make the victim lose control of their elimination functions. Some frequencies take over arms and legs which move uncontrollably.

This may be a screen from software used by torturers showing what can be done with particular frequencies:


1. This is the agenda of the New World Order. The NWO was announced by George Bush Sr. in 1991. It states: “But we cannot lead a new world abroad if, at home, it’s politics as usual on American defense and diplomacy…Twice before in this century, an entire world was convulsed by war. Twice this century, out of the horrors of war hope emerged for enduring peace. Twice before, those hopes proved to be a distant dream, beyond the grasp of man. Until now, the world we’ve known has been a world divided – a world of barbed wire and concrete block, conflict and cold war. Now, we can see a new world coming into view. A world in which there is the very real prospect of a new world order. In the words of Winston Churchill, a “world order” in which “the principles of justice and fair play … protect the weak against the strong …” A world where the United Nations, freed from cold war stalemate, is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders. A world in which freedom and respect for human rights find a home among all nations.” Does this description sound like the experiences of the Targeted Individual? You can see that the statements about attaining peace and protecting the weak against the strong is a lie. All government became a lie.

Who is exempt from Obamacare? Obama and his family, the Senate and House, Judges etc. Obama will not release his real birth certificate and lawsuits forcing him to disclose it have been dismissed because the judges are controlled by the NWO. The Constitution states that Presidents are required to be born in the US. Obama was not born in the US. If he is not a valid president, does that mean that documents signed by him are null and void? Michelle Obama is showing a bump in the groin area which may mean she/he is a man but dresses as a woman. The birth certificates of their children are secret. They may be adopted.

All members of the United Nations are uniting in a world-wide police state. The boundaries between federal and state will merge. There is a foreign armed military already stationed on US soil. Local and state police are armed with military weapons for use against civilians. The borders have been open for minors from South America where human rights violations are ignored. They are being housed in new barracks and are being trained in terrorism. The borders are open for people who will do anything for $.

The NWO agenda calls for TOTAL CONTROL: (1) an elite ruling class who are in control because ordinary people do not have the ability to rule themselves, (2) all lies all the time, (3) constant wars (4) black ops and false flag events, (5) FEMA camps for the homeless, (6) weaponized weather, (7) forced health care, (8) forced education (common core) for dumbing children down so they will accept tyranny and other realities (9) confiscation of all public works, transportation and shipping, water, land and property. People are things owned by the government and can be seized for no reason at any time and confined in prison indefinitely without trial. Search: “Leo Strauss.”

2. Perfect the Human Race for Some. The NWO is killing all people on the planet who don’t fit their ideal human for the same reason Hitler eliminated people considered to be inferior. In fact, Nazism was imported to the US with Project Paperclip by bringing 1,600 scientists from Germany after WWII. With Hitler, it was the Aryan race who were the chosen ones, blond hair, blue eyed and the perfect physical models. Doctors were used to silently kill everyone in Germany who had any mental disorder or physical deformity, and the elderly. The present agenda of the NWO is to kill 90% of the human population in order to create a utopic global society. All diseases are to be eradicated, not with therapies or acts of God, but with genetically modified living organisms, implants and drugs. See: “Beyond Therapy” and “Georgia Guidestones.”

Targeted Individuals are being removed from economic and cultural life just as the Jews were. Hitler used this method in the countries he conquered. He used every facet of the community, including hospitals, doctors, churches, schools, the post office, universities and banks, which is similar to the method being used on TI’s.

TI’s are being subjected to covert torture which no one sees because DEWs produce electromagnetic and acoustic waves which cannot be seen. However, they can be felt by the human body and they can be measured with costly scientific meters which most people are not familiar with nor know how to use or interpret.

3. Eliminate Opponents. Hitler killed at least 11,000,000 people. This kind of genocide is occurring now on hundreds of thousands of citizens with the help of US doctors, nurses, medics, firemen, veterans, corporations, private companies and stalkers of every age and description with a campaign of fear and intimidation. Have people forgotten what happened just 75 years ago? Nazism never died. It just went underground and quietly developed all the technology needed to set up a world-wide tyrannical police state where neighbors stalk and radiate their fellow citizens. People will do just about anything for money and tax dollars are paying stalkers to torture and kill innocent people.

YOU NOW KNOW there is a silent holocaust occurring right here in the US. Please take it upon yourself to learn more. People who are assured the right to pursue life, happiness, liberty and justice by the Constitution are suffering every violation of human rights possible under the noses of their fellow citizens. God Bless You.

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