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BOOKLET IS FRee - oversease please pay for postage


Booklet is a 60 page edition which will help your family, friends, and strangers to understand how everyoned, not just targeted individuals are being manipulated with various things, including weaponizing of the weather. We see homes and properties being destroyed in California, Portugal, Australia and elsewhere with some type of weapon never seen before. We see hurricanes being pumped up with directed energy, horrific tornadoes, unprecented drought, floods, snow that isn't snow, tsunamis and other weather that has never happened before. This means the whole population is being targeted.


Other than targeting of huge swaths of the population being targeted, precise and deliberate targeting of individuals whose lives are destroyed is happening worldwide.  There have been programs which used humans to test the strategies and technologies being used in the past by the governments of the world. Now they are being tested and used against people who have no defenses for this type of attack.


These topics are generally addressed in the booklet along with tips for avoiding psychiatric holds, tips for shielding, meters and tips to spot stalkers.

BOOKLET: "How Are You Being Targeted?"

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