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New technology is being used to track,surveil, harass, injure and kill people and animals. The technology is contained in many patents. This is very real. There are many methods which fall in these categories of directed energy which can be administered remotely, silently and without the perpetrator being seen or known:

1. Electromagnetic radiation which includes Gama and x-rays, Optics: Ultraviolet, Visible Light, Infrared, Radio Spectrum (broadband/Wireless and Microwave), Lasers and Masers, Laser Induced plasma, millimeter wave

2. Atomic Particles, electrons, protons, in particle-beam weapons (a form of microprojectile weapon)

3. Sonic (infrasound/ultrasound), pressure waves


See the Halo?

A TI took this photograph with a forward looking camera in her ipad tablet. The cameras in iphones, tablets and androids are infrared so when you are getting struck with microwave, take pictures of yourself.

This Targeted Individual was hit with a Directed Energy Weapon. She is smiling because she didn't know what it was and thought it was kind of cool to have a halo made of light. But then she noticed she had been burned. She took multiple pictures of her injuries. The burn got much bigger than this, it covered her whole back. 

This TI was also attacked with a biological weapon. She was infected with something that created the small bumps on her back. Someone entered her home and contaminated her personal belongings and her entire house with the carrier substance gel which contained the bacteria or animals, infectious arthropods like insects or worms which cause Morgellons. This substance was smeared all over her house and personal belongings. She lives in the United States of Corrupted America. This is happening to hundreds of thousands of people and they are being ignored. Their stories go untold.   

Who are the people providing these volunteer stalking services to your local government?  Check out these volunteer organizations, including the medical people who have volunteered to inject TI's with implants, do secret operations and mutilations.  Your local city will have the names of the volunteers doing these Nazi terrorist activities.  They are real contractors getting paid to kill TI's.

     Targeted Individuals are privately and silently proclaimed TERRORISTS and put on a government agency fusion center watch list to be silently and quietly killed by the United States government. They have hidden this program from the general public. They use the neighborhood or citizen assist programs to stalk these individuals.  Of course they have expertly trained military stalkers enter locked and secured personal homes and cars to place poisons there. People who believe in justice for human beings would never consent to this.  Even criminals get a trial. These people just get attacked out of the blue. Their whole lives, communication, homes, vehicles, employment, personal property -- EVERYTHING IS DESTROYED. 

     The government is attacking its own people with directed energy, biological and chemical warfare and gangstalking. They are causing permanent damage in people. These are LETHAL weapons. In some cases, they are torturing, burning and implanting people with electronic medical implants and in some cases, they are just outright killing people. This is a disgrace to this entire country, to its government, military, universities and authorities of every kind to be involved in this. The US has declared war on its own citizens and is silently and systematically trying to remove them from this planet. This picture needs to go on the headlines of every news outlet in the world to show people what is really happening in their world. If everyone saw it, they may get involved in getting this stopped. They are killing AT WILL as if they had guns and they have been given the order to shoot whoever they want to. Please send it to EVERYONE you can.

     Electronic Harassment is a New World Order torture method being used by governments to control and torture people. People are being struck with beams of energy which cause pain equal to kinetic weapon, guns and knives. Targets are struck by devices like magnetrons, lasers, hand-held microwave weapons, sound weapons and others as well, by satellites, drones, embedded transmitters in infrastructure in buildings, by mobile devices in vehicles and by hand-held devices.

     Together, they are all called Directed Energy Weapons, because they are capable of directing energy upon a human body to inflict pain and destruction. It includes a system of medical implants that are remotely controlled by stimulating them to emit frequencies that cause heat, pain and vibration of biological structures. The system is called a Body Sensor Network or Body Area Network. It is connected to the Wifi/Bluetooth internet network. It is illustrated in the picture below.  As you can see, the system includes satellites and game playing software. This is the world's first electronic torture implant system. It has the power to take over an entire human from head to toe. It can control the brain and make electronic slaves of humans.

     Tortured Targeted Individuals are being used as medical experiments as the first victims of this remote torture program carried out by the department of justice, fusion centers, police, firemen, first responders, veterans of these agencies, business owners (Infragard) and the ordinary citizen stalkers (Citizens Assisting Police) these agencies employ and train.  Recently launched Wifi beaming satellites will help complete the electronic lockdown on human bodies when connected to the GPS/Internet/5G network.

     Targeted Individuals receive the main gateway implant in their midsection and a brain radio implant (tuned in left ear constantly). This brain radio is continuously communicating through radio signals  (some local radio station band is used now, but 5G will create a continuous ubiquitous connection) and is connected to an AI computer. Brain frequencies are continually transmitting to and from the computer.

Targeted Individuals receive a system of implants in their head that includes an implant on the cochlear nerve where signals go directly to the brain and bypass the ears. The system includes an implant in the eyes that communicate what they see to the computer. The system has implants in the sinuses, bones of the face, the jaws and the throat. The victim can be made to hear things other's cannot. They also make sounds which they do not make themselves, the sounds come from the throat implant. There is also technology that goes around the throat that could enable you to be strangled at will. They receive implants in literally every part of their bodies, from head to toe so they can be manipulated with signals to their senses, nerves, muscles which take over the movements and use of their bodies.  This is called Total Human Surveillance.

     The implants are stimulated remotely, using relays of electronic signals through transmitters hidden in structures and objects in the home, car and city infrastructure. A beam of energy turns on the implant. It either heats up your flesh, vibrates, itches, tickles or burns you. Some implants dispense drugs. Deep implants in joints make holes in the bone. Implants attached to nerves wear out the nerve to kill it. Continuous heating creates tumors. Implantation creates a slave who is tortured to death.000

     The main implant is a computer called a "gateway" that communicates with the other implants and contains all your private information. It is already installed in possibly 300,000 people in the US alone through a covert secret medical implant program. Your RFID chip can be read by anyone with an RFID reader. Your local police and fire department participate in coordinating strikes. THIS IS NOT HEALTHCARE. THIS IS ILLEGAL MEDICAL SURVEILLANCE. The government program calls it "Medical Security." It is not for the victim's benefit.  These people have been secretly implanted with an RFID chip that will be in their bodies until they die. They can be read even from the grave. Long term studies show implants always cause tumors and destroy delicate tissue (in the brain) so implants will cause medical complications.

This main computer is connected to the Body Sensor Network and relays all the information on the computer through the internet. It is intended for the PUBLIC,  as shown in the  wording of HR 3962. It will be read by employers, doctors, bankers, realty personnel, people who have the power to keep you from living your life and everyone who gains access to the access numbers, i.e., every drug dealer and stalker.

Technology Harassment

Website Slave Hand.JPG
Website Implant in Hand.JPG

It is often unclear what type of weapon is being used. It is possible, however, to categorize the device by examining the characteristics of the attack, the area of the damage, shape of the injury, timing of the hit and examining the patents for devices that exist.

It is unclear who is performing the attack as well. Who would have the desire to burn people?  Who would have the power to stalk and harass people. Who has the programs funded to pay for this activity?

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